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For General Information, please email Michael Hicks at michael (at) or call 812-727-5444

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LIving Roots Ecovillage
5907 W CR 375 S
French Lick, IN 47432

Living Roots Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the mission of Living Roots?

We are creating an intentional, sustainable, and integrated community. We support each other in fostering physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being through conscious entrepreneurship and art-centered permaculture design, including building, food, energy, education, and wellness systems.

  • What are the pillars of Living Roots EcoVillage?

To live in a sustainable and co-creative community, farm organically, lessen our ecological footprint, promote organic and local nutrition, and promote healing arts modalities.

  • What are the goals of Living Roots?
    • Shared community space including community center, workshop/art studio, campground, community gardens and community land
    • Support Individual Businesses through availability of rental space in the form of offices, farm, workshop or retreat center
    • Individual homes on community land
    • Create rituals such as meditation, solstice/equinox gatherings, drum circles, shared meals and traditional holidays.
  • Are there local jobs available in the area?

Yes! T o get a job for the transition of moving to the area, we would suggest first checking out positions open at the French Lick and West Baden Spa Resorts: , or at the local food coop in Paoli:   There are also lots of other seasonal tourist jobs in the summer or seasonal jobs in the winter at the local ski resort: Paoli Peaks. More professional jobs would be available in businesses in nearby Jasper as well.

There are also lots of opportunities for personal businesses within the EcoVillage, particularly lots of farming options.  Due to the tourist nature of French Lick there are also lots of avenues for craftspeople and healing arts.

  • What will it cost for me to join and live in the village?
    • There is no join fee at Living Roots.
    • Monthly Housing fees currently include:
      • full members -$300/month + $25/each additional person in the household. (eg 2 full members in a household plus a child would be $350 for the entire family).  Payments end after 20 years.
      • For Temporary Residents, Resident Members, and Prospective Members (also include $25/month for each additional person):

        - Starplate Dome - $400/month
        - Wood Cabins - $370/month
        - Bunkhouse - $300/month
        - Campsite/Tiny House Site - $170/month
        - Off-site - $25/month

  • What are the housing options for incoming members?

Options within temporary housing village include tent camping, RV camping, tiny house on trailers, ecovillage-owned little cabins/tiny houses, or bunk space in the community farmhouse.

  • Are there opportunities for work exchange?

We currently have work exchange positions open for one maintenance leader, and one builder leader.

  • How much community work is required?

Temporary Residents, Resident Members, Prospective Members, and Full Members are all required to contribute eight (8) hours of work per week for the community.

  • What are the schooling options for my children in the area?

Within the village, we plan to design a homeschooling cooperative, inspired by Waldorf principles and nature education programs such as Outward Bound. However, if you are looking for other schooling options, Click Here for a page that lists other schools within Orange County.

  • How do I become a member?
    • The first step is to fill out our temporary resident application.
    • After being a temporary resident for 3 months, you are then welcome to move forward and apply for a 15-month prospective membership by filling out the corresponding application. Or you can become a resident member, if you aren't ready for full membership
    • At the end of your prospective membership, you and the EcoVillage full members will decide if it feels like a harmonious fit from both sides, and you can ask to be reviewed for full membership. Welcome!
  • How does decision making happen within the EcoVillage?

Full Members and those on the leadership team make decisions during a weekly meeting, based on consensus. EcoVillage owners make key financial and other fundamental decisions.

  • Are their spiritual requirements?

No - we advocate inner work and self-growth, but are not religiously affiliated. We are open to and supportive of individual members exploring their own spiritual paths.  

  • Are there dietary requirements?

We welcome people of all dietary walks of life, though as a village we promote healthy living, sustainable lifestyle, and local support by eating as organically and locally as possible (preferably grown/raised in our own village!!).

  • What makes the village an “eco” village?
    • Glad you asked! We strive to live as sustainably as possibly. Ways in which we will be practicing eco-consciousness are:
      • Creating natural buildings from local and sustainable materials
      • Organic farming; creating local and chemical-free food for our village and community supported agriculture (CSA) families!
      • Taking a yearly “self-inventory” of our own individual ecological footprints and making personal goals toward improving them every year. We’re all works-in-progress, but we aim to keep it at the forefront of our awareness as we incorporate more and more sustainable practices into our lives!
      • Use of solar energy, passive solar, water catchment, composting toilets, solar showers, solar ovens,  recycling, composting, growing our own food, etc.
      • Using permaculture design principles wherever possible and putting them into ACTION!
      • Offering educational workshops for the general public about varying topics (organic gardening, sustainable living, green building, etc).
      • Utilizing human/community power to farm instead of industrialized and overly-mechanized processes
  • Who owns the land, houses, businesses, etc.?
    • Living Roots Inc. owns the land, while full members own their own houses on their leased plots. Members may also own businesses in the Village.
  • What roles do you most need filled within the EcoVillage currently?

Builders, all types of organic farmers, organizers, leaders, maintenance help, etc, however, we consider that everyone will have their own value within the village with special skills to offer.

  • What type of building will you be using for your structures?

A variety of local, sustainably-sourced, and natural materials! We are excited about straw bale, cob, board and batten, earth brick, earth bag, recycled, etc.

  • Will the village be off the grid?

The existing farmhouse and community building already have utilities tied to the grid, but our other temporary housing and the full member housing village will all be off the grid. Options for energy sources can vary depending on each full member’s preference, but we expect to see a lot of passive solar, wood stoves, solar panels, solar ovens, etc utilized.



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Living Roots Ecovillage
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