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How to Reside at Living Roots

Complete the Temporary Resident Application.(please make sure to download the pdf application to your comuputer, fill it out, then save) and email completed application, along with a current photo of yourself, to: michael1 (at) In addition to monthly housing fees each temporary resident provides 8 work hours per week as assigned within the EcoVillage.

Monthly housing/member fees for Residents (also include $25/month for each additional person):

- Starplate Dome - $400/month
- Wood Cabins - $370/month
- Bunkhouse - $300/month
- Campsite/Tiny House Site - $170/month

What can you do to prepare for EcoVillage Living?

We often get asked this question. Generally speaking, you should simplify your life and at the same time, increase your personal power (in a healthy non-egotistical way). EcoVillage Living isn't a piece of cake and it will take focus, commitment, and dedication. It's not necessary to master all of the following before coming but a head start definitely helps the learning curve. We do have workshops and are all here to work together and teach each other, but anything you can learn beforehand would be helpful. Some more specific suggestions are:

  • Learn to cook naturally, organically, and in season
  • Learn some sustainable living skills/Change your Lifestyle- build a fire, use a solar oven, start using a clothes line, etc.
  • Build strong personal finances - while lots of cash is not necessary to join our Village, it helps to pay off debt and increase your personal savings, since any transition requires cash.
  • Study or practice any number of pertinent Ecovillage skills, such as consensus decision making, gardening, entrepreneurship, team building, leadership, animal husbandry, sustainable living, carpentry, etc.
  • Let go of anything in your life that is no longer serving you - living in an EcoVillage is a significant and positive change for many and beginning to let go of the old will help you transition to the new

Who is a good fit for Living Roots?

In general, we are looking for – Dedicated individuals with heart skills and head skills who are interested in participating in an EcoVillage.  Those who: have vision, have dreams, can take action and are grounded, knows or are willing to learn how to make fair, participatory group decisions, speak genuinely, have ability to cooperatively craft fair agreements, have emotional maturity (have done some inner personal work), are focused, are flexible, can hold ownership in this project (many ways to do that), are ready to commit, can work through challenges keeping the goal in sight, have resources (money and/or time are necessary in creating a village), etc. 

Currently we are specifically looking for:

  • Those with Leadership/Managerial Experience
  • A Property Maintenance Leader (general maintenance, including mowing, fence maintenance, building/equipment maintenance, etc)
  • Builders (natural building or conventional building)
  • Organic Farmers (we have lots of fields with good soil, water sources, barns, fences that are ready for both vegetable and animal farmers)
  • Those with the creativity and follow through to complete various sustainable living projects (solar showers, compost toilets, etc.)

Current work exchange opportunities- which includes housing and food for the following positions:

  • Maintenance leader

If you are interested in applying for one of our work exchange positions, please fill out the following application and email it to: work_exchange (at)

To Download the Application: Click here

Supporting Membership:
If you aren’t quite ready for EcoVillage living, but want to support what we do or become a part of or greater community, consider becoming a Supporting Member. A supporting membership includes attendance at gatherings, work parties, EcoVillage events, weekly events (such as yoga if class has space), discounts on grass-fed beef (currently 20% off), and any discounts offered to EcoVillage members at workshops, retreats or for accommodation.

The cost is $200 for a lifetime supporting membership or 8 work hours per month. Either mail us a payment or pay via Paypal.


We are excited to have you join our community!



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