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Long Term Goals : Timeline and development depends on interests and finances within EcoVillage.

  • Community Center: The EcoVillage has great ideas on what makes a good community building.  It will be the focus of our village, from which everything else grows/stems out.  It will be beautiful, highly multifunctional, simple, and at the heart of our land. It will incorporate a large kitchen, large gathering space, laundry/bathroom facilities, healing arts space and more.  We will be meeting, eating, playing, praying, designing, planning, creating, and healing together in this building.
  • EcoVillage Farming Projects: continue to develop EcoVillage gardens, plant orchards, build root cellar, transition to Animal Farming and more depending on member interest and finances
  • Workshop: continue to develop existing workshop (create space for potters/crafters), section off if needed so that it can cater to woodworkers, metalworkers, jewelry makers, potters, painter, sculptor, etc. Transition heavier maintenance workshop to barn as needed.
  • Temporary Housing Village: continue to develop, plant screening hedges, develop gardens, build new cabins based on need.
  • Full Member Village: Build road, full members will chose plots and build their own homes. Individual residences will be off grid and will be kept small and quaint within our Building Guidelines which encourage the use of natural/local/reused materials.
  1. Business Center/Healing Arts Space: Developed per member interest to facilitate individual business enterprises as well as house community offices.
  2. Homeschool Cooperative: members with children and/or interest will create infrastructure and design of the school using Waldorf principles that foster individual and group creativity in children through the work of play.
  • Retreat/Educational Center: possible business endeavor for individual members depending on interest.
  • Creating Rituals:
    • Build sanctuary for meditation, yoga etc.
    • Build sweat lodge.
    • continue to develop rituals based on member interest



Community News & Announcements
3rd Sunday of the Month at 6pm
Potluck Dinner
Living Roots Ecovillage
5907 W. County Road 375 South
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Living Roots Inc., 5907 W. County Road 375 South, French Lick, IN 47432

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