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Sustainable Living

The EcoVillage believes that no matter how we choose to participate in this world, it should be done so in a way that is sustainable - personally, socially, financially, and environmentally - in a way that can be continued throughout our lives and for many generations to come - and in a way that respects the wholeness of life - that nourishes and gives back to the greater cycle of life.

Our intent is to be a source of information on sustainable living from growing and preserving food and building homes to integrating sustainable practices into business enterprises. We plan to be a demonstration model of how a community can meet its needs sustainably. Our workshops, videos and articles are geared towards empowering others with knowledge and giving experiences that will change perspectives on how we can better live sustainably on this planet.

Current areas of focus:

  • Gardening - including permaculture, season extension, soil building, herbs - medicinal and culinary, fruit trees, water harvesting, seed savings, plant propagation, starting vegetable seedlings, garden crafts and art, companion planting, herbal medicine making
  • Food -preservation (drying, canning, freezing, fermentation), mead/wine/beer making, cheese/yogurt/kombucha/kimchi/sauerkraut making, wholesome cooking, cooking from the garden, raw foods, nutrition, using a solar cooker
  • Natural Building-creating long lasting energy efficient homes from locally and sustainably harvested materials
  • Nature Awareness - tree and plant identification, wild edible plants, medicinal plants, meditation




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